My story

Hi there, I’m Lorraine – the creative force driving Beyond No.6. My journey started back in 1977 when my parents settled at No.51 alongside the Keegans at No.49.

Fast forward to today, and the unbreakable bond between the girls in No.51 and No.49 remains the heart of cherished memories. Our childhood was a whirlwind of imagination – gardens turned into stages, old blankets into whimsical curtains, and sheds transformed into music-filled havens. We concocted fragrant perfumes from rose petals and crafted swing sets and secret hideouts in what we affectionately dubbed “the forest”.

As time rolled on, the essence of those carefree days found new life in my door creations. Each piece reflects my passion for aesthetics and my unwavering desire to relive those joyful moments and create new ones along the way.

With an established background in visual merchandising and a deep love for interior decor, I orchestrate spaces that go beyond ordinary design. Beyond No.6 captures both my artistic flair and the nostalgia that fuels my creativity, immersing stories into every creation.

Beyond No.6 isn’t just a business to me; it’s a channel for infusing homes with the same joy we had as children. I’m on a mission to add enduring beauty and vivid experiences to every space.

Welcome to Beyond No.6, where the echoes of the past blend seamlessly with a contemporary vision, creating captivating interiors and unforgettable door displays that tell stories of their own.

Join me on this journey where professional finesse meets cherished memories, all wrapped up in the transformative world of design.

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