What’s behind No.6?

I’ve always had a love of Georgian doors, going back to my childhood. My Dad was raised in a Georgian tenement house in the heart of Dublin City. I’ve got so many fond memories of visiting ’29A’ at Christmas, weekends and all occasions, followed by a trip to the playground and feeding the ducks in the Green nearby.

Even today, I’m always at my happiest strolling around this area. So when it came to designing the logo for Beyond No.6, it felt right to have some of my favourite door styles on the image. No.6 was a nod to the number of the house where I live today, and where I create door stylings and scenes for my clients. 


When working on door styling, I like to use natural materials like branches, flowers, and leaves. I love the creativity of combining the various elements and I enjoy it when clients give me free rein to use my imagination. At the same time, I always like to remain true to the individual aspect and style of each home and family I work with. My creations always aim to capture the unique personalities of the people who live there. 


One day, as I stood back looking at my own hall door creation, I thought to myself: “there’s so much more going on behind that door and I have so much more in my mind that I want to do!” 

And so, ‘Beyond No.6’ was born – more than door styling, I wanted to share her love of home interiors and accessories. I thought to myself: now is my time. 

And the more I thought about the doors I was styling, the more it became clear to me that I had something to give and a story to tell…

In a way, I always felt everyone had happy memories of their childhoods but as time goes on or as you get older, you realise just how lucky you were. 

My sister and I, along with two other girls, became lifelong friends. All four of us have the same childhood memories consisting of fun, play and friendships that have lasted a lifetime. To this day, we’ve remained best friends and we chat every day on WhatsApp and meet at least once a month.”

So when the time came to think of names to give the various door displays, my thoughts turned to reminders of my childhood: ‘The Forest’, ‘The Parkhill’, ‘No 51’, ‘Kukoo’.

‘The Forest’

Across from where we lived, was a place called ‘The Forest’. Today, it’s where the Luas runs between Kilnamanagh and Kingswood. Back then, it was full of trees, hills, plants and wildlife when we grew up and we spent hours playing there making dens, rope swings and looking for treasure. Our parents never seemed to worry about where we were and we only went home when we were hungry. So when I started using natural resources for some door styling it brought me right back to those days in ‘The Forest’ hence I named one of the styles after it.


‘The Parkhill’

This was the name of the area where our family home was built, where we spent days playing out in the back gardens of 51 and 49. The sheds in both gardens were our little escapes too, especially on rainy days. We had them set up like houses inside and played in them from morning ’til night. We invented games, plays, discos everything you could think of from these sheds. So while working on a more child-friendly door for a client, I thought of the name ‘The Parkhill’ as it truly was where we could just be ourselves and be children.


‘No.51’ or ‘The Kukoo’

Still our family home and still filled with love and happy memories in ‘No.51’. Both my parents are still alive and living here. The home I lived in for 23 years and can say lived very happily there. Of course we had no phones back then to text if the Keegan’s were coming out  so if we needed to speak with them we could go to the landing window which was directly across from theirs and shout “Ko Ko Kokoo” and wait for one of them to appear! We would then make plans from there about what time we were coming out at and what we were going to do. For a more simply styled door, I decided to call that ‘No.51’. Like my Mam and Dad’s home, it was simple and a happy place.



‘The Lantern’

When styling each door, the clients always asked for a lantern like the one I have at No.6. That one happened to be one of a kind. The first one I bought blew over twice and smashed. The second time, I wanted to try to do something different so it wouldn’t happen again. I put toughened glass in it and made it heavier by adding lead to the inside. It’s now lasted four years and is also still rust-free. Now I want to develop a ‘Beyond No.6 Lantern’ so others can enjoy having one at the entrance to their home.


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